• Interviewer: And so you've been playing as Radiohead for how long?
  • Jonny: 3 years. But we've been writing and rehearsing for about five or six years.
  • Interviewer: Did you have names before Radiohead?
  • Jonny: Oh, yes. We had a whole gamut.
  • Thom: A gamut?
  • Jonny: A plethora. Many, many names.
  • Interviewer: Do any come to mind?
  • Jonny: Most of them are awful.
  • Interviewer: Any good one that you can share with us?
  • Jonny: Music is my favourite.
  • Interviewer: What?
  • Jonny: Music.
  • Thom: We were gonna be called Music.
  • Interviewer: Just 'Music'?
  • Jonny: That was my idea. With the Greek 'µ' as the first letter, that was extremely pretentious.